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Re-focus, Re-Brand, Re-Launch

Posted on October 13 2019


Re-Focus- Your “Niche” & Your “WHY”


Let’s be real running a business is not as easy as social media makes it seem.  It requires dedication, consistency, planning and LOTS of energy!  I knew it was time to Re- Focus, Re-Brand and Re-Launch when I scaled back and analyzed how I initially started off and where I was heading. To everyone else it seemed great but to me it wasn’t good enough. I had no strategy or brand identity; I lost my direction & message, I felt totally out of alignment with my brand and wanted to attract a new audience. The original logo that I had designed a few years back was hardly seen or used and it didn’t represent my business currently and where I was heading. Lastly my website no longer fit the direction I wanted to take my business. It felt cold, short and to the point and DID NOT reflect my personality. With all of this in mind after three months into my business, I decided to rebrand. Yes, Three months…!!!  I went through all the motions of “damn already” and “is it too soon?” I had all the signs telling me it was the perfect time that’s when I put everything on pause and took action by honing in on the most important aspects of my branding “My Niche” and “My Why” short term and long term. Which consisted of a lot of prayer, research, time, creative space, vision boards and lots of affirmations on post it notes LOL Then the creative juices started flowing….


The clarity I gained was so refreshing. During this process, I had to be patient and compassionate with myself. Know that your pace is the perfect pace for you, no rush!! Let things happen organically. Eventually, you’ll get there and when you do, you’ll know exactly why things happened the way they did, and the time provided was necessary. Until then, be still, be present, and be grateful. Along your path in life, and in business it’s okay to be stubborn with your goals but be flexible about your methods. Be open to receive, watch the signs and move accordingly putting your best foot forward. We all know every day is not perfect, especially when running a business if you’re tired give yourself rest, creatively stuck create your sacred space. Your sacred space is where you find yourself over & over again. Find that space, protect that space and pray over that space.


“It wasn’t until I solidified my niche and rebranded the Full-Service Boutique that I felt a change, I felt inspired and motivated.”


 Original Logo



Re-Brand- Design aesthetics & Purpose


Starting out my website was good enough but NOW my re-brand truly speaks to who I am. This rebrand feels authentic and true to me a true representation of where I am right now in my business, and where I’m headed. I look at my brand now and I see the future, not the past.

This is an exciting moment in your business’s life, it shows your commitment to growth! With a new purpose and direction, a new look is sure to follow. So, get clear about your brand's message and how you plan to effectively communicate that to your audience on and offline. Branding is much more than a logo, color scheme and a new website those are the aesthetics of branding that make your company recognizable and memorable. Outside of visuals, it communicates what your mission is, understanding the company and its purpose. Branding is “how a company wants to be perceived by others.” Now keep in mind how your company is “actually” being perceived which is based upon whether your brand identity is working. It all ties together your wants and needs comfortably coexisting. Allow yourself to get creative and open yourself up to more professional partnerships and opportunities where you can introduce your newly developed brand. Understand your brand evolves over time but it takes consistency, recognition, skill, and strategy to utilize it to generate revenue.

New Logo


Re-Launch- 10.10

“May the next few months be a period of beautiful transformation.” 10:10- “the universe’s way of responding to who you believe you are.” Synchronicity to know when your manifestation Is coming and to pay attention to your life and you will see bits of magic that happens when you need it to happen. That’s called alignment so what better day to relaunch then on 10.10 a day where the energy is aligned with new beginnings. Through-out my Refocusing & Rebranding the Synchronicity of 10:10 kept appearing, it was more personal & spiritual leveling up that helped me on my journey. Always trust in your intuition, heart & love than over fear.



Thank You sooooo much for choosing to connect with me socially on this platform, where I will be extremely vulnerable, passionate, spiritual & inspirational while sharing everything “Exclusively Yours By JE” from Stylish Looks, Lifestyle Inspiration, Closet Décor & Tips plus many more!


  • Karleen: October 09, 2020

    I love the new website and looking forward to the growth of your business. I know how hard you work and watching yours dreams come true is such an inspiration.

  • Octavia : October 09, 2020

    Oh my, I love this so much! I love the new logo and I wish you all the success in the world! 💕

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