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Closet Cleanse

Being a busy woman is challenging–you have goals to achieve yet not enough time to have it all. In a situation like that, it is always a trade-off between doing one thing or the other. Closet Cleanse is a professional closet service that allows you to get your closet evaluated and up-to-date with latest cuts, trends and colors.


In this experience, your current wardrobe is evaluated for fit, style, relevance and condition. You can expect honest feedback about what works, what doesn’t, and what simply needs an alteration. Pieces that no longer compliment you will be parted with, while the ones you truly love will be saved; allowing us to create an organized space making use of the styles you currently own.


Notes will be taken during the entire process, enabling us to identify any style gaps in your wardrobe resulting from your Closet Cleanse. This will assist us in preparing a recommended Style-List for required pieces/accessories that will not only be a valuable addition to your wardrobe but also, enhance your overall look.


The best part is I love working with local charities so the items you don’t need will be donated, helping you get unnecessary      clutter out of your closet and into the hands of someone in need.  I will even provide you with a tax receipt for the donations to help reduce your taxable income.

Please note, two seasons are covered per Closet Cleanse, either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. 


Closet Design 

Imagine turning that extra bedroom in the house into a spacious walk-in closet or designing a custom reach in closet with your dream outfits, jewelry, shoes and bags all organized neatly in display keeping YOUR needs in mind. Real Chic Real Life! Now imagine, someone doing all that for you. That’s right, here’s where I step in.


The Closet Design experience begins with a complimentary design consultation where we diligently identify your style requirements based on functionality, aesthetics and special factors such as your unique individuality and routine to compliment the whole process. Measurements will then be taken by our team of experts in order to initiate the design process.


The next step in this experience is to examine your room, visualize a luxurious closet space of quality, sophistication and style. I will be creating a virtual 3D design to show you exactly what your future custom closet will look like. Finally, we will review all the details of the plan together to ensure everything is exactly aligned with your requirements.


Your new custom closet design will encompass beautifully organized and styled spaces, as well as baskets, bins, and specialized organizers for your favorite accessories. This new closet will be installed to the exact specifications of the design—at your convenience—by our dedicated team. 


Once completed, your closet will completely change getting dress will be much more fun, exciting and fulfilling experience. Where you “Walk in and stay awhile.”



Closet Organization

The daily struggle of digging through your closet is a hassle. This service helps you organize your closet better by utilizing your space efficiently and saves you the time you spend mentally standing near your closet every day, deciding what to wear. The Closet Organization experience concentrates on an in-home consultation where we discuss your goals, requirements and style preferences. You’ll then be shared a list of advice, recommendations, innovative add-ons and solutions needed to personalize your closet. It is our job to certify that all recommendations are in line with your personal brand, lifestyle and unique individuality.

Before any final decision is made, we will be reviewing all the details of the plan together to ensure everything is exactly how you envisioned it. Once you agree on a plan of action, accessories will be arranged, and delivery and installation will be implemented at your convenience.

My goal is to make certain that your closet is organized, easy on the eyes and contains spaces using your favorite baskets, bins, and accessory organizers, some of which may include:

Tie & Belt Racks
Shelf Dividers
Jewelry Trays
Purse Pillows
Laundry Sorter
Hanger Options
Garment Bags
Lounge Furniture Chairs



Indulge in an elevating experience and request your closet consultation today!