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Closet Cleanse

"Where Style Lives"- We start off with a 30-minute consultation to help determine your style needs and goals. We evaluate your current in-season wardrobe for fit, style, relevance, condition and how it makes you feel. Two seasons are covered per Closet Cleanse, either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. Together we will get rid of clothing that no longer serves you and only keep the pieces you truly love while creating an organized space and make use of the styles you own. What is no longer needed I will donate, I love working with local charities by donating the items that are pulled from your closet. It gets them out of your way, and more importantly, helps someone in need, and we even send you a tax receipt for the donation. Notes will be taken during the process which can possibly turn into a shopping Style-List for items that will be added to your wardrobe to fill in gaps from your closet cleanse which carries into my "Personal Shopping" service.


Personal Shopping

I work personally with individual clients to help them develop a unique style, based on their personality, lifestyle, body type, and color palette. I will help the client shop for specific items to execute this personal style. We narrow down "Who she is" and "Get the look ." I carefully stay in line with your lifestyle and your budget! After a budget is determined, all you have to do is arrive and walk straight to the fitting room. I research & locate the best store/s for your personal needs and individual style. No shopping or sales associates to deal with. If you really dislike shopping, *For an additional fee, I can do the shopping for you, delivering the suggested items to your home or office for a private fitting and your final approval where you can try it on at your leisure. I will handle all returns.


Personal Stylist

I work personally with individual clients to help them develop a unique style based on their personality, lifestyle, body type and color palette. I may also help the client shop for specific items to execute their personal style. I narrow down "Who she is" and "Get the look." 


Wardrobe Consultant

I will select the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, commercial, television, film, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures.


Package Recommendation- First three services

*Each service can be purchased separately*   
“Sort, Shop & Style”  
My most comprehensive service with all services combined, offering a smooth transformation through all phases of the Exclusively Yours By JE Style Experience.
By the end of this experience your closet will be "Where Style Lives" with a balance of old and new items that resonates with your personality, exude that inner confidence, with a style for multiple occasions, outfits and with the current season creating variety and versatility.

Costume Rentals

Exclusively Yours By JE offers Costume Rentals Boutique Style where we pay close attention to your show/production,High End Art Service, Beauty & Fashion for film, TV, commercials, and private clientele. We  work with your artistic vision, your schedule, and your budget, to make your costume vision a reality.